Get roped in

Guide Kirby to the goal by drawing rainbow ropes using the stylus and your Wii U GamePad controller's touchscreen.

Make loops, launch Kirby into the air, or protect him from obstacles and enemies. Get creative and see what you and your rainbow rope can do as you navigate Kirby through seven big levels.

What color are you?
  • Loop-de-loop

    Give Kirby a burst of speed by drawing him a series of loops.

  • Dash

    Tap Kirby to use his Dash move to hit enemies or blocks.

  • Star Dash

    Collect 100 stars for Star Dash—a much stronger version of his Dash move.

Time to transform

In certain stages, Kirby will be totally transformed. Use your stylus to help him along in his new form.

Kirby Rocket

Help guide Kirby as he flies through the air.

Kirby Tank

Tap the target to show Kirby where to fire his cannon.

Kirby Submarine

Tackle underwater foes with torpedoes.

Fun with friends

Up to four players can play at the same time, so why not host a Kirby party?

Up to three Waddle Dees

Players who aren't controlling Kirby will play as Waddle Dees.
Waddle Dees can help collect items and stars, attack enemies, or even carry Kirby to his goal.

Watch out for Grab Hands!

They'll try to attack Kirby during multiplayer mode, so it's up to the Waddle Dees to fend him off.

Up for a challenge?

You'll unlock timed mini-games in Challenge Mode as you play. Play as often as you like to see if you can beat the best score.