Clay-mazing Collectibles

There are tons of items and treasures just waiting to be found on every clay-filled stage. Keep your eyes open and lead Kirby to the prize.

  • Figurines

    Collect these cool models of your favorite characters by opening Treasure Chests.

  • Secret Diary Pages

    At the end of each level, you'll have a chance to get a prize from the roulette wheel—including these diary pages. Collect them all to get the whole story.

  • Music

    You'll find these in some of the Treasure Chests that you open at the end of each stage. Stop by the Music Room to listen to your collection.

  • Point Stars

    Get as many as you can—you'll need 100 to use the powerful Star Dash move.

  • Ink bottles

    These will quickly fill your ink gauge. Ink will also refill if Kirby rests on the ground or on a cloud.

  • Puzzle pieces

    Collect one of these to make others appear. Collect them all to get a Treasure Chest.