The Official Kirby Robo-Recruit Kit

Become an official Kirby Robo-Recruit and gear up with these robo-inspired activities!


Robobot Yourself

Picture yourself in a suit of Robobot Armor.

Get started
Kirby's Quick Draw

Imagine That!

Use your imagination to draw a pilot and arms on a suit of Robobot Armor.

Let's draw
Kirby's Quick Draw

Code Cube Constructor

Create your own origami paper Code Cubes.

Start folding
Kirby's Quick Draw

Dots and Bots

Connect the numbered dots to reveal the hidden picture.

Get dotty
Kirby's Quick Draw

Kirby Badges

Make it official with a Kirby badge.

Print a badge
Kirby's Quick Draw

Kirby Stickers

Print out stickers from the Kirby universe.

Stick it to ‘em