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One sunny day, Kirby was snoozing in a field on the Popopo Islands in Southern Popstar. Suddenly, dark clouds flooded the sky…

From the clouds came Necrodeus, the leader of the evil Skull Gang. Necrodeus raised his staff and used dark magic to split Kirby into 10 clones of himself, each with only a fraction of his greatness!

The fiend easily defeated each of these weaker Kirbys, leaving only one weaker Kirby left. Popstar was about to lose its greatest defender… and plunge into darkness forever.

Then, the last Kirby looked up and saw the light from Kirby’s own heroic heart, which had flown to safety when he was split apart. The light called out: “Kirby! I will lead you! We'll fight together!”

They set off at once, certain that the key to restoring Kirby was finding the staff that split him apart. They had to get to Necrodeus!

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