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Kirby’s latest adventure spans five unique islands, each with many stages—and a big bad boss waiting at the end.

As you travel the islands, you’ll gain back more and more of the ten lost Kirbys. Often you’ll need a certain number to get into new stages–or to reveal new areas and items by pulling up giant turnips, fishing monstrous creatures from pools, and more.

On these return visits, keep an eye out for hidden medals. These medals will let you unlock minigames, music to listen to, and lots more.

Controlling Your Kirbys

You’ll guide your army of Kirbys using the stylus and the touch screen. Tap, flick, and draw–it’s easy to learn, but with lots of challenges coming your way, you’ll need to get creative!


The whole crew will run to whatever area you tap on within the stage. If it’s an enemy, they’ll jump on it and pummel it into submission! If it’s an obstacle to knock down, they’ll go to town on it until it falls.


Select a single Kirby and send him flying toward a bad guy or obstacle with a flick of the stylus. Once they land, they’ll automatically do their dirty work!

Drawing Paths

Using the stylus you can draw a flight path in the air, and all the Kirbys will gather together and float along with it. It’s a quick and easy way to get your crew from point A to point B.

Building Your Kirby Crew

When your adventure starts, you’ll only have one Kirby on your team. Munching on fruit in each stage lets you multiply, and pretty quickly you’ll have your maximum team of ten Kirbys. The more the merrier–a larger crew can beat baddies more easily and take down bigger obstacles!

  • Fill up on fruit to max out your Kirby Crew.
  • More fruit equals more Kirbys, so pig out!
  • You’ll need all ten Kirbys for the big challenges.
  • Lost Kirbys in battle?
    Just eat more fruit to get them back.
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