What's your What's your

battle type? battle type?

There are 10 battle types in Battle Mode—and 10 different objectives to complete!

Battle Arena Battle Arena

Be the last one standing!

A fierce battle in a colosseum. Use your skills to knock out all your opponents at once.

Apple Scramble Apple Scramble

Score points by snatching apples!

Split into teams and toss apples in the chute. You can even toss opponents in the chute!

Coin Clash Coin Clash

Play tag, collect coins, and run from a ghost!

Run from a ghost and collect all the coins you can. If the ghost catches you, you'll turn into a ghost, too.

Attack Riders Attack Riders

Steal your opponent's chips!

Attack rivals and collect their chips. Pull off an attack while riding a machine to get even more chips.

Crazy Theater Crazy Theater

Quick calculations are key!

Complete challenges to score points. You'll even get a chance to mess with your opponents.

Rocket Rumble Rocket Rumble

How high can you go?

Fly as high as possible by putting the most fuel into your rocket ship. Whoever flies highest wins!

Robo Bonkers Robo Bonkers

Who can take down the robot?

Attack Robo Bonkers with missiles…or put enemies in the cannon to damage this giant robot.

Slam Hockey Slam Hockey

Smash the puck!

Throw the puck at opponents to knock them out and score points. Aim, fire, and knock them out of the rink!

Ore Express Ore Express

Fill your train with gems!

Collect gemstones and fill the train as fast as you can. Don't forget to steal ore from your rivals!

Flag Ball Flag Ball

Hit the flags to score points!

Throw the ball at your own team's flag post to score points. You can move your flag for a real challenge.