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Kirby’s new adventure is more action-packed than ever. Have a blast with all the new additions that make this Kirby game totally “deluxe.”

Catch that star

Jump from front to back (and forward again) using 3D Warpstars. You never know what you’ll find when you can explore in every direction!

Gyro a-go-go

Your Nintendo 3DS or 2DS system’s gyro controls will come in handy during Kirby’s adventure. Tilt to pour water from a jar or steer a floating gondola.

Start a collection

There are more than 250 Keychains hidden in the game, each with a classic 8-bit style image from classic Kirby titles. Can you find them all?

There are also Sun Stones to find, food to chomp, and other goodies!

Get Connected

You can use the StreetPass™ feature on your Nintendo system to trade Keychains with other players.

You can also receive Assist Items that are more powerful than those you find in the game.

Kirby’s new skills

Check out the copy abilities making their debut, including Beetle, Bell, and Circus.

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New game modes

Play with friends in Kirby Fighters mode, jump to the beat in Dedede's Drum Dash, and more.

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