Kirby's signature skills

He’s one tough puff! Kirby has some sweet moves, including the unique ability to inhale just about anything.

He’s going Hypernova!

Kirby’s inhale achieves maximum suckitude when he eats a Miracle Fruit and goes Hypernova. He can suck up trees and enemies, move massive blocks, and even inhale whole stages.


When Kirby holds his breath, he can hover in the air. Handy!


After Kirby inhales enemies, blocks, or weapons, he can spit them out in the form of Star Bullets.


At the end of each stage, you might catch Kirby bustin' a move. You can dance, too, if you want to.

Copy Abilities

The key to Kirby’s success? Lung power. He can inhale entire enemies and copy their abilities! There are more than 20 different Copy Abilities—all with their own set of moves to master.