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Kirby like you've never seen him before

You can guide Kirby™ through a vibrant claymation world by drawing Rainbow Ropes for him to roll along in this all-new adventure! You can even mold your clay self into a Tank, Submarine, or Rocket to wreak havoc. Up to 3 friends can join in to explore levels with you.*

Use the stylus creatively and tactically when drawing Rainbow Ropes to help Kirby navigate obstacles and defeat bosses. Make loops, launch Kirby into the air or stop up waterfalls that get in his way.

If a stage gets too challenging for any one Kirby to handle, call in some Waddle Dee allies for backup. Players can easily drop in and out of the main game at any time. So when things get tricky, one of the Waddle Dee players can carry Kirby to the goal while the other players collect items and stars. You’ll need their help because there are TONS of collectibles in each stage, from character figurines to music bites!


  • A “clayful” Kirby adventure with unique line-drawing gameplay
  • Up to 3 other players* can easily drop in and out of the main game at any time
  • Transform Kirby into a variety of clay objects: a Tank, a Submarine, or a Rocket!
  • Creative levels filled with hidden items and collectibles

*Additional accessories required for multiplayer mode; sold separately.

Give Kirby fantastic power-ups with three different amiibo™.

Available February 20, 2015

Use the Star Dash power whenever you want, not just when you collect 100 stars.

Wear King Dedede’s hat and get two extra health bars.

Wear Meta Knight’s mask to fast dash through weaker enemies.

Visit amiibo.com to learn more about upcoming amiibo figures and compatible games.

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