An Ability An Ability

for every strategy for every strategy

Which one will you choose?
Battle types require different strategies based on the Abilities you choose.


Easiest to use!

Jump into the melee with moves like Drill Slab, Down Thrust, and Spin Slash.


Toss bombs for big explosions!

Throw bombs from a distance. The bigger the bomb, the longer the range of explosion.


The power of the horned beetle

Attack with your powerful horn. Use the beetle's power to beat your opponents into submission.


Endless varieties of attacks!

Thrust, spin, throw! Take on your rivals any way you choose with this versatile weapon.


Attack without worrying about range

When up close, attack like it's a melee weapon. When at a distance, throw it like a boomerang.


Control the battlefield with your furious fists

Quick punches and kicks will lead to victory. Charge up for force blast attacks!


Toy with confused rivals

Perform stealthy moves from ancient times.


Snap and crack your whip!

Use your trusty whip to snap up items and get a hold on opponents from a distance.


Double duty for defense and offense

Open the parasol to block attacks, then thrust forward when your rival's guard is down.


Deliver powerful attacks!

This weapon is slow, but when it hits, it HITS HARD. Charge up for a really powerful attack.


This tornado will blow everyone away!

Draws enemies in and then blows them away.


Uses medications effectively

Toss capsules, mix potions, and use clipboards to defeat enemies.


Freeze ‘em solid!

Glide along with Ice Skate, then freeze enemies with Ice Breath.

Copy Ability poll results Copy Ability poll results

In the first round of voting, Kirby enthusiasts worldwide chose Mirror as their favorite Copy Ability. We now present the winner of the second and final round of voting…Sleep! Both abilities are now available.


This dazzling Copy Ability lets Kirby create mirror images of himself to confuse enemies and perform multiple attacks at once.


Throw your rivals off guard with your drowsy demeanor. Let your instincts do the fighting for you while you sleep.