Kirby Battle Royale

Kirby™ is about to enter a tournament against his toughest rival yet...himself! In local* or online** battle arenas, up to 4 players can fight until the last Kirby standing wins in Kirby Battle Royale, coming to the Nintendo 3DS™ family of systems in 2018!

More details coming soon!

Which Copy Ability
is your favorite?

Kirby has inhaled dozens of Copy Abilities over the years. Now you can vote for your favorite! The winning Copy Ability will be featured in an upcoming Nintendo 3DS theme and a custom wallpaper—it may even appear in the Kirby Battle Royale game!

How to vote:

Choose your favorite Copy Ability below and click on the “vote” button.
You can vote once per day until 10/2/17.

Note: Copy Abilities in this list which are already included in Kirby Battle Royale are marked with Pink Star. Copy Abilities marked with Red Circle cannot be added to the game.

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